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1000 journals part 2

When viewing the rest of the film of 1000 journals it was very compelling. I like how people began to add more books. They didn’t stop at 1000. I find the purpose of this project so amazing because the viewer gets to see how people come together and want to join in and share their stories. Another side that I disliked about the subject matter is how people began to get so greedy. How some people began to send emails threatting people to pass on the books. That shows how greedy and scary people can get for something that is so small. In the end I liked how they all try to make their way back to some guy and he is able to view the books and make an exhibit out of them.

Nick Georgiou

When researching my final artist I decided to go back to artist books. I’m not that great with technology so I can’t hardly do any media art. Digital artist fascinate me due to their natural and imaginative minds. What I liked about artist that their art is based on books is the way that they manipulate the pages and the covers of the books. Folds, cut outs, and designs are out of this world. The artist I chose is Nick Georgiou when looking at his book art, my first thought was abstract painting and Pablo Picasso, Henri matisse. The way that he uses color in the books and for his designs of people look very abstract and flowy. Nick Georgiou was born in New York City in 1980. He received his BFA in film and television from New York Universities Tisch school of the arts. He uses newspaper and discarded books that he finds in the streets to work on his art work. I like his meaning behind his art. He tries to show how people don’t read anymore is not that they don’t read but they don’t buy books anymore they are more driven by the media and the new technology that is being created. His art influenced my work by making it flow. When looking at his art your eyes just feel the waves that he creates with the magazines and books until the end of the frame.  I want my book to flow and feel the reader welcome.

Hecho Con Ganas

Ernesto Yerena is a graphic designer/ street artist. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona and was born in El Centro, California in a farming town near the border of Mexicali, BC, MX. Grown up next to both sides of the border he was able to view and co exist with both side. Yerena is a street artist and he was influenced by his father and learned from his father. The art that he makes portrays and depicts his frustration between the struggles that both communities have, especially the rights for the dignity and human rights for the Mexicans. He tries to use the colors that the Aztecs would use in their art. When he spray paints he experiments with texture layering trying to give the image a weathered or distressed appearance. He is a co-owner of “Hecho Con Ganas” they are a group of artist that bring awareness to the Immigration problems that we are having. Hecho con Ganas is based in Los Angeles and he has collaborated with Shepard Fairey, Manu Chao, Rage Against the Machine lead singer Zach de la Rocha, photographers Aaron Huey and Philip Lumbang. He is a founder and curator of the Alto Arizona Art camping in 2010 and as well he is a founding member of We are Human campaign in 2009. The more I read the more I can relate my book to him. My book is more about a personal immigration family. Where his is more abroad related to the whole Hispanic culture which I really like about. He brings up subjects that we are all struggling with here in California mainly us that live so close to the border.

Mike Stilkey

It was difficult to choose an book artist, I found so may I like. One of the artist that captured my attention was Mike Stilkey. He is an artist from Los Angeles, Ca and currently lives there. A painter and a drawer, he likes to draw and paint on vantage paper, books covers and pages, and record covers. He uses many tools to achieve his masterpiece like ink, color pencils, paint and lacquer, and whimsical characters that can be seen represented in fairy tales and fantasy. His work has been shown all over the United States and International. Looking at his installations, book art, and paintings these characters remind me of Tim Burton characters and films. They have a dark,punk, goth, edgy look to them. As well his characters remind me of certain eras through out history. I see the bodies of humans but with faces of animals. His installations are amazing, I just want to clearly say his work is amazing, I love his work. When you view the book art work closely you can see the pages and the solid cover, covered with paint. He uses books as his canvas which is great, he is repurposing the books for his advantage and his art. Doing the altered books last week gave me a new view of what way I can use book. I really enjoyed doing the altered books and viewing more book artist gives me more and more ideas of what I can do with books and expand my artistic ability.